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Legal certainty

The own website is now a matter of course. Unfortunately, many legal pitfalls and warnings lurk. With a legal-looking text, which refers to a judgment of the district court of Hamburg, the legal certainty is unfortunately not given. The DSGVO, the Jugenschutzgesetz, the Telemediengesetz and much more are to be considered. Here, site operators need professional help. A service provider like us is prohibited from providing legal advice in Germany - this is the responsibility of the lawyers. For this reason, we cooperate closely with our laywer who performs the audit and monitoring on behalf of the customer.

Quick overview

  • Websites must be legally secure
  • There are a variety of laws to consider
  • Legal advice may only be given by lawyers

After completing the website, it will be checked by our cooperation lawyer before publication. As a customer, you will receive information about the legal certainty of your website and any points still to be improved. The improvements will be incorporated again before publication. So you can be sure that their website is facing warnings and other legal pitfalls.

Even if an internet site was legally secure at the time of publication, this can become a warning due to changes in the law during operation. Due to the monitoring offered by our lawyer, their website was cyclically checked for possible new legal bases. If you have commissioned the monitoring, you will automatically be informed about the circumstances to be changed.


The subject of image rights is becoming more complex on a daily basis. Is the author to be displayed? Does the provider page have to be specified? Does the image name have to be listed in the imprint? All these questions should be asked for every single picture. To make things easier for our customers, our new PICTUREMANAGER24 is designed to answer all these questions as you upload. Our system then automatically shows the corresponding copyright notices for every image and automatically regenerates the image list for the imprint each time the page is called up. Due to the rights and roles system in our CMS, you can change the subject of image upload and image rights to e.g. to restrict a person. All editorial employees can only select pre-made images.