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SISpro Contentmanager24

In addition to the advantage of the almost limitless dissemination of its presented information, the Internet offers the possibility of a significantly higher actuality compared to print media. With Content Management Systems, updating your website becomes efficient and easy: Texts, images or even files are entered by the site owner and published directly.

Quick overview

  • Content management systems enable the user to independently maintain the contents of his website
  • The success of a website stands and falls with the timeliness of the content
  • Our system is Easy to Use

By focusing on a pure web interface, the operation of the CONTENTMANAGER24 over the Internet from any computer with Internet access is easily possible. As a result, content can be entered without expensive detours and delays by any authorized author. The content is automatically made available on your internet presence.

In addition to pure navigation and page editing, our CONTENTMANAGER24 includes a variety of specialized modules such as
  - News Manager
  - Event Manager
  - Picturemanager
  - Travel Manager
  - etc
Of course, we also develop your personal "manager" according to specific specifications.