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The term cloud dates back to the fifties - long before the cloud, as we know it today. Today, ´saving something in the cloud´ means securing it online on an external server. A cloud service is nothing more than an internet service that you can use to secure data or even use entire infrastructures. Prerequisite is always a working Internet connection. SISpro-connect offers two products. The sCloud for storing data and the vCloud for offloading the infrastructure of entire networks.

Quick overview

  • Easy handling
  • Faster information flow
  • Flexible use of different locations
  • Security through redundancy


With our vCloud you can outsource all or part of your IT tasks and functions. This facilitates the work of decentralized locations and increases the availability. With our vCloud solution, you used your application or solution over the Internet. Maintenance, backup and monitoring take place through us. We offer solutions based on virtual server with VMware as hypervisor.


The SISpro-sCloud is a classic, web-based file-sharing and workgroup cloud that enables backing up, sharing and organizing files and folders. You can share folders that stay in sync across multiple users. With or without password protection. this simplifies e.g. workgroup collaboration - or you can just share your vacation pictures with friends. The special feature of our sCloud is that as a further data security solution, we synchronize all data once a day to a data center in Helsinki (Finland). Thus, their data are decentrally secured.