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SISpro-connect offers specific solutions for companies, authorities and organizations. Accordingly, the application possibilities of our systems are as diverse as our customers and partners.

Regardless of whether you are dealing with handicraft businesses, forwarding agencies, state organizations or service providers from the cultural and leisure sector, the list of our references consists of various companies and public authorities. We therefore have a wealth of experience that makes us an experienced partner. With the many years of experience and expertise of our team, you can trust in us and also in the quality of our services.

Trust in customer relations is at the forefront of SISpro-connect. Exactly for this reason a publication of references is excluded.

As a medium-sized and independent internet full-service provider, we serve more than 1,000 customers today.

We are happy to provide you with references of a solution that meets your needs. Please contact us by phone or send us an inquiry.