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Code of Ethics


The company SISpro-connect GmbH&Co.KG is a software development company and IT-solution provider, as well as in information and communication technologies. Our supervisors and employees comply on a high level with the international guidelines and national laws of all countries, where our company SISpro-connect operates.

The basis for the comprehension of ethical guidelines, socially and ecologically sustainable entrepreneurial action as well as their compliance refer to following international conventions:

·    Universal Declaration of Human Rights (1948)
·    European Convention on Human Rights (1950)
·    International Covenant on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (1966)
·    International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (1966)
·    International Labour Organizations Trinomial Policy Statement on Multinational Companies and Social Policy
·    Declaration on Fundamental Principles and Rights at Work by the International Labour Conference
·    Agenda 21 by the UN Conference on Environment and Development (Rio de Janeiro 1992)

Fundamental values & code of ethics

1.    Responsibility & Confidence

As a company in the security industry sector our self-image as well as our customer service and the interaction with company suppliers and partners is based upon reflected responsibility and confidence. As a consequence we commit ourselves to do business with the entrepreneurial and social sense of responsibility and expect from our employees the utmost care of responsibility, an adequate confidential handling with sensitive personal and business information and data.

This is also reflected in the way we operate in corporate and customer-related IT-security management as well as in the honest and respectful actions of our employees. We interact responsibly with our customers and their personal data to guarantee the best possible protection against misuse, damage or loss as well as protection against threats by third parties. We guarantee to follow contractual commitments and business partnerships are determined according to economic, objective and realistic arrangements. Critics and complaints are always taken seriously and we understand them as a chance to offer the highest customer satisfaction through our products and services.

2.    Sustainability

Beneath social responsibility towards our customers, employees and business partners as well as society under the aspects of common welfare, we enrol on social, economical and ecological sustainability. This means that we run our business in the frame of a sustainable philosophy, which depends on a social-sustainable personal management whereby we support key qualifications of our employees. Furthermore we absolutely set in for the equality of women and men.  Otherwise we make an effort regarding sustainable ecological management to treat natural resources with care and to contribute to nature conservation.

3.    Professionalism

Our staff is highly educated and consists of employees with different specialisations wherewith high quality products and services are guaranteed. The development and improvement is based on the interdisciplinary and professionalised employees in our team.

Accuracy, reliability, fairness, respect and loyalty are capabilities which show the characteristics of our staff. Otherwise these qualities are indicators for the professionalism, which we are committed to as a company.

4.    Colleagueship & Respect

As a company with an international team we respect and appreciate the cultural diversity of the world, of our employees as well as our customers and business partners. Democratic values, respect, tolerance and intercultural communication are of great importance for us and our company, because people benefit from each other in a globalised world and cultural values lead to a better comprehension of the world and to an enrichment of all human beings.

Our company declines and punishes any form of racism, anti-semitism, sexism, discrimination as well as unconstitutional and undemocratic ideas, actions and behaviour. Human dignity is inviolable. This is what we exemplify in our business everyday, internal, between employees and superiors and external, between customers, partners and suppliers.

Democratic values and their adherence are essential elements of our colleagueship and our company. The biggest part of our commercial success is based upon those democratic believes and actions between employees, supervisors, customers and partners. The common work process on projects and the development of products and services is built on value-oriented, interdisciplinary and intercultural co-working, whereby we are able to offer our customers the highest level of reliability, objectivity and quality on both sides, products and services.

5.    Communication

Our business communication happens on competent, truthful, transparent and comprehensive ways. The communicative forms between supervisors, employees, customers, partners and the general public are respectful, responsible, polite and discrete. The characteristics of our communication culture are shown in every single dialogue on both sides, internal and external.

6.    Transparency & Integrity

We commit to our corporate and personal integrity to build a transparent business culture. Thereby we guarantee responsible handling of persons, information, goods and data from every point of view. Besides we guarantee our customers and partners an absolute transparency in all respects, by conveying informative and objective, to enable the most possible integrity. We understand our business activities as an interaction of different factors which are situated between commercial success and social responsibility. That is the reason why we vouch for the unity of those categories.

7.    Compliance

Our company as well as our employees undertake to observe legal standards and social rules. According to this fact we focus our behaviour and actions on internal regulations, applicable laws and current social conventions on both sides, business and private. We emphasize the commitment to national applicable constitutions, laws as well as international covenants and conventions.

8.    Consequence

Through the announcement of this code of ethics and regarding our ethical responsibility, our staff works together for the commitment of ethical guidelines in- and outside of our company. If there happens a violation of those self-declared regulations, we will take any possible measures to end those violations and to punish the respective persons. This measures range from civil to criminal consequences and to dissolving of the contractual relationship.