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The term social media describes websites and apps that allow users to post, share and connect to content. The central feature of social media is the interactivity of users. Users create content (User Generated Content) that allows them to interact with other users on a permanent basis for an unlimited period of time.

Today, social media is an indispensable part of active marketing and is becoming more and more necessary.

Among the most important networks include

- Facebook
- Twitter
- Instagram
- Snapchat
- Etc.

Quick overview

  • Social media is an important marketing tool
  • Social media activities reach more users
  • Marketing measures via social media are becoming increasingly important


Facebook is currently the largest social network an interesting advertising platform. We help you to create your company Facebook page and support you with marketing measures. Ads (Facebook Ads) are an integral part of Facebook marketing. The world´s largest social network offers many options and features for advertising. Decisive for the success of a campaign is the exact limitation of the target group. There are different types of Facebook Ads that can be used for their advertising. We support you in choosing the right strategy.


Instagram has become a major marketing tool as an ad-supported online service for sharing photos and videos. We help you to develop the optimal strategy for an Instagram presence. We look after your account and post corresponding contributions. We support you in the planning of advertising measures on Instagram.