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Mobile solutions (APPs)

APPs today increase productivity in all areas of life. From the order processing of service technicians and technicians to the monitoring of medical values, APPs can be used. SISpro-connect develops APPs for different requirements.

Quick overview

  • More customer proximity with attractive apps
  • Simplify and accelerate business processes
  • Opening up new business areas
  • Achieve better market opportunities
  • Optimized customer loyalty

We focus on developing native apps on the Apple iOS (iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad) and Google Android platforms. The apps are developed specifically for the respective target platform and are available via online portals such as the Apple App Store or Google Play (formerly Android Market).

Depending on the required and desired functionality, we try to use as many cross-platform technologies as possible to make the development cost-efficient.

We are a certified developer for Apple iOS and Google Android. This entitles us to develop, submit and distribute apps.

In addition to the classic app development, we also offer the creation of so-called WebApps. Here we rely on so-called Progressive Web Apps (PWA), which is a normal website with many features of a native apps. We develop progressive web apps like a website with HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript. In addition, so-called service workers serve for the functionality of the PWA in offline mode.

Responsive Websites

All of our newly developed internet pages are based on Responsive Web Design. Here, the layout of a website is designed so flexible that it provides a consistent user-friendliness on the computer desktop, tablet and smartphone and the content can be used completely and quickly by the visitor.