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eCommerce & Online Stores
E-commerce is the abbreviated form for the English term electronic commerce, which means electronic commerce or trade. Here we offer a multitude of possibilities for shop and sales systems. Whether you want to sell products or videos pay. We develop your solution.

Quick overview

  • SISpro-connect develops online shops
  • Payments in the shops can be processed directly via Paypal
  • Through the Paypal integration, their customers can use all major credit cards in

Payment systems

In addition to the simple and intuitive operation of online shops, the quick and easy way to pay is also a basic factor for success. We offer our shop customers the integration of Paypal without extra charge.

The principle of Paypal is explained quickly: It is a virtual account that is linked to your checking account. Payments are not processed directly through your own account, but through Paypal, which deducts the amount paid from your account.

Originally Paypal was used primarily for payment of purchases at the online auction site eBay. Meanwhile, the digital payment service is also offered by many other online retailers as a payment method.